4C Horizontal Mailboxes

The Florence versatile™ 4C horizontal mailbox line was developed with a simple to use modular system that provides a flexible solution for your individual project needs - taking the guesswork out of meeting the necessary USPS requirements and/or ADA Fair Housing requirements. Standard pre-configured options are available for simple installation, or choose a custom-built solution for your project. This indoor/outdoor solution can effectively replace an outdated mailbox installation or be designed for any new construction project.

  • 4C Recessed Mount Mailboxes

    4C Recessed Mount Mailboxes

    134 Products

    The versatile 4C recessed mailbox suite offers 12 different heights with over 140 pre-configured modules, plus the ability to customize for your individual project needs.

  • 4C Surface Mount Mailboxes

    4C Surface Mount Mailboxes

    119 Products

    Utilizing a surface-mount collar allows 4C mailboxes to be installed flush onto a wall, providing the unit with a finished, sleek look. Industry exclusive design for easy installation.

  • 4C Free-Standing Mailboxes

    4C Free-Standing Mailboxes

    120 Products

    4C Free-Standing Horizontal Mailboxes include a U.S.P.S. approved 4C horizontal mailbox unit and a matching free-standing enclosure – minor assembly required.

  • 4C Pedestal Mailboxes

    4C Pedestal Mailboxes

    189 Products

    4C pedestal mailboxes are an ideal solution for centralized private delivery, but do require approval from your local post office to be used for USPS mail delivery.

  • 4C Mailbox Enclosures

    4C Mailbox Enclosures

    52 Products

    4C Mailbox Enclosures are made of heavy duty aluminum, are available in Surface Mounted and Free-Standing styles.

Available in 8 powdercoat finishes

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  • Rugged, corrosion and weather resistant powdercoat finish resists scratching and vandalism
  • Constructed of heavy gauge aluminum and 300 series stainless steel components for superior strength, corrosion resistance and exceptional outdoor durability
  • Solid aluminum mail slot frame similar to High Security CBU design protects adjacent customer compartment and collection compartment
  • Unique double-locking parcel locking mechanism design for added mail package security
  • New USPS-1172 910A lock with three (3) keys

Customized layout included with each quote

  • Numbers displayed on mailboxes
  • Overall width and depth
  • Rough opening
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